About us

We are a team of language technologies’ enthusiasts in Nepal who truly believe that language and language technologies have the greatest potentials to transform any society for the better. And we also understand that the society has to be well-versed with the knowledge of linguistics ( the study of the language) and the same time be equipped with logical as well as analytical skills for understanding the subtleties of any language if one were to be able to get the ins and outs of a particular language. Such an in-depth understanding of the language patterns and structure would facilitate both the creation and use of language processing technologies – the hot cake of the present and many years to come. The idea of organising the Himalayan National Computational Linguistic Olympiad emerged from the fact that many of the active and top performing countries in the International Linguistic Olympiad today also started from the same status as for where Nepal stands today, just organizing the second Olympiad in the National Level in 2018, and not yet  participated in the International Olympiad. Given the right environment and exposure, Nepal has every potential for emerging as top performing participant.

Given below is a short bio of each of the team members:

Dr Balaram Prasain

Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University

Dr Prasain is an Associate Professor at the Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University. Dr Prasain has been teaching various linguistics courses for more than a decade. He is also associated with the Language Technology Kendra Nepal as a member. He holds expertise in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. His main area of interest is the computational analysis of Nepali and Nepal’s languages.

Dr Bal Krishna Bal

Assistant Professor, Kathmandu University

Dr Bal is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University. He heads the Information and Language Processing Research Lab at KU. Besides, Dr Bal also is associated with the Language Technology Kendra Nepal as a Chief Scientist. He holds expertise in Natural Language Processing and Software Localization. He is working in the area for more than a decade.

Mr Saroj Dhakal

Associate Director R&D, Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Mr. Saroj Dhakal is a Computer Scientist and Engineer. He is a software Localization and Software Quality Analyst, Natural Language Processing aficionado and a computational linguist. At present working as an Associate Director R&D, Deerwalk Institute of Technology.

Mr Chandan Goopta

Co-founder & CEO, Growcept

Mr. Goopta is a tech entrepreneur based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the co-founder and CEO at Growcept. He completed his masters from Kathmandu University with a specialisation in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. He has been continuously working on various applications for the Nepali language such as sentiment analysis, opinion mining etc.

Ms Faija Parween

Chairperson, Open Space Network

An out-going lady inclined towards event planning and travelling, she is always looking for new experience in life. Faija Parween is the Chairperson of Open Space Network, a company that focuses on bridging gap between products and people and also has been working as the Country Director of 60 Second International Film Festival, a global platform for young minds to promote storytelling through films.

Mr. Santosh Regmi

Co-founder/CEO of KEIV Technologies

Mr. Santosh Regmi is a Co-founder/CEO of Keiv Technologies. He is also a Data Scientist at Ai-Savvy and a senior developer at Information and Language Processing Research Lab at KU. His research areas are : Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Mr. Nirajan Pant

Research Assistant, Kathmandu University

Nirajan Pant is an information technologist from the city of Temples, Kathmandu. He is working as Research Assistant with the responsibility of System Architect and Senior Software Developer at ILPRL, Kathmandu University since 2016 in the field of Nepali Optical Character Recognition. He accounts his interest in OCR technology, localization, and natural language processing.

Mr. Tej Shahi

Lecturer, Tribhuvan University

Mr. Tej Bahadur Shahi is a lecturer at Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, TU. His research  interest includes Natural language processing and machine learning. He has served Nepal Government for more than four years as an information technology officer, before joining the university

Mr. Sarbin Sayami

Assistant, Professor, Tribhuvan University

Mr. Sarbin Sayami is an Assistant professor at Central department of computer science and information technology, TU. He holds expertise in software engineering and machine translation (He is also a PhD scholar in Machine Translation)

Ms. Pratigya Regmi

Research Associate, Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI)

Ms. Pratigya is current a Research Associate at Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI). She is an active contributor of Wikipedia for Dotyali Nepali and other localization and Natural Language Processing initiatives for Nepali.