Is this program only for language students?

No, not at all. This program is open for participation to any student currently studying in grades VIII – IX/A-LEVEL/CBSE in any program or stream.

Do I have to pay for the participation?

Usually, the school or the college sending the participants pays the participation fees. But in case, your institution does not pay for your participation, you can also approach personally paying the participation fees by yourself.

How will this competition help me in my personal growth?

You will get exposure to a network of linguists and language technologies enthusiasts. This would give you a lots of career opportunities if language and language technologies are of your interests. Even if your intentions are not towards building a career in this direction, you can learn a lot from people who are established in this field.

I am not from Kathmandu valley, do I get lodging, food and transportation?

We will provide you lunch on the day of the contest. Apart from that, the participants would need to take care of food, accommodation and transportation by themselves. Although, we can facilitate your food and accommodation arrangements on an individual basis if there are requests for the same.

I study science/management in +2, can I participate?

See the answer for question 3 above.

Do I get to participate in international linguistic olympiad if I win?

This is subject to the availability of funds and sponsors but if the winners are in a position to fund their travel and accommodation on their own, we will certainly facilitate your participation.

How do I prepare for the competition?

We will provide you sample questions. In addition to that you may also     go through past questions available in the International Linguistic Olympiad official webpage,

Can I personally apply OR do I have to come via my school/college?

We would encourage the college-wise representation of teams (max. 4 people in a group) but we also will accept participation on an individual basis.

Can A level / CBSE / or equivalent boards students participate?

Of course, students from grade VIII up to 10+2 level or equivalent can participate.